What do we offer?
Hammered Out Welding was developed for the primary purpose of elevating the level of expertise within the workforce with training and methods of learning that have proven results. Safety being the utmost importance in every class session, with the focus of delivering exceptional training and employee engagement.

We are well versed in AWS, ASME, and ANSI standards that enables us to be a third party welding test facility for recruitment processes. We have a CWI on staff and are able to qualify welders to Welding Procedure Specifications for your employees. We are able to Qualify Welding Procedures in order to prove the Welding Procedure Specification is a sound recipe for success.

The culture of an organization begins with the leadership of the different departments. Begin the proactive mindset of investing into your employees and you will shape your culture today!
Act now and call us, 1-855-502-WELD!

  • If you currently have training programs in place, are your employees engaged?
  • Do you have a matrix of measuring training retention?
  • Do you want to bring the skill level of your current employees up to a higher standard?
  • Does your employees lack formal training  and need help identifying the gaps in their knowledge?
  • Are your current safety procedures/practices questionable, need help developing a safety program?
We can provide a consultation with an assessment to determine what type of training will be the most effective for your organization.

Why do we offer this service?
1. We are driven for our workforce to excel and succeed with American built products!

2. Valuable resources are leaving the workforce and the lack of cross training results in loss of production, efficiency, and organizations ability to be cost effective.

3. Training is as effective as the resources and/or the references you are using. Until you realize that there are better resources, your organization will struggle to perform at the highest level.

4. Organizations with solidified training programs are equipping their workforce with the necessary skills for tomorrow's challenges.

Where do we offer this service?
Classes are held at our facility in Tyler Texas, your location, and online, and we can train your employees on your equipment.