30 May
  1. Soft Foot Correction
  2. Rough Alignment
  3. Set-up Indicators
  4. Measure and correct vertical angular misalignment
  5. Measure and correct vertical parallel misalignment
  6. Measure and correct horizontal angular misalignment
  7. Measure and correct horizontal parallel misalignment
  8. Final torque and verify 

Indicator sag is the amount of flex that impacts the measured value on your vertical rim readings. 

There are two methods to compensate for indicator sag, subtracting the value from the bottom reading and setting indicator to true positioning. 

Temperature compensation becomes another factor that impacts shaft alignment and their components, knowing how to accommodate your adjustments and/or readings is necessary for accurate shaft alignment.

As little as .005" out of tolerance will consume your soft spider of your coupling. 

Misalignment will dramatically impact bearings, seals, couplers, and induce vibrations to other components.

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